The Wisdom Company Advisory Group

 Personal Questions

  • Does applying wisdom to change the world resonate with you?   Yes__ No___

  • Do you embrace the goal of the Wisdom Company which is to enhance wisdom in the world, one person at a time?  Yes__ No___

  • Do you understand the importance of mutual respect in creating balance in the world?

  • Do you have the desire to be a catalyst for change? Yes__ No___

  • Do you want to share your talents for the common good?     Yes__ No___

  • Do you want to be true to yourself and true to the wisdom path?  Yes__ No___

Professional Questions

  • Would you be willing to share the Wisdom Blogs on your social media network?  Yes__ No___

  •  Would you be willing to attend online monthly advisory group meetings to provide counsel and guidance to the members of the Wisdom Council? Yes__ No___

  •  Would you be willing to help the organization expand so that wisdom can be practically applied to solve the existential problems that our country and civilization are facing, and be willing to put new business opportunities second? Yes__ No___

If your answers are YES, please complete the form bellow to arrange a time for an exploratory phone call.


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Together We Can Make the World Different!

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