Wisdom-Based Transcendent Leadership Course

Authenticity: The Key to Your Leadership Excellence

The self-discovery session provide you with an opportunity to experience and apply the Power of Auth

 The self-discovery sessions provide you with an opportunity to live and lead from authenticity so you can:

  • Expand the way you think and enhance your decision-making ability

  • Learn how the False and True Selv es think

  • Become aware of how positive thinking is the source of negativity

  • Go beyond old negative conditioning, fears and critical self-talk

  • Connect to the core of your being so you can satisfy the deepest needs of your employees


 The transcendent leadership model:


  • Enhances the financial and business value of your company

  • Increases the value of your company by your becoming a more effective leader

  • Helps you become a more effective communicator

  • Makes you aware of the deepest and highest way to motive people and lead others

  • Helps you discover new abilities, gifts and talents

  • Enhances employee engagement

  • Expands the way you think and enhances your decision-making ability

Lead from Maslow’s Highest Level of Motivation

Self-actualization is not at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-transcendence is! Maslow s

 Self-actualization is not at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Self-transcendence is! Maslow saw a number of problems with having self-actualization at the apex of his motivation needs, which is why he  created a new sixth level – that of self-transcendence. The reason why the majority of people are not aware of Maslow’s top level on his hierarchy of needs is because he died shortly after his realization.

The wisdom-based leadership course is solidly based on the latest  scientific discoveries ranging from cosmology to neuroscience. It is also grounded in transcendent and humanistic psychology.

This course section provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Create genuine employee engagement by applying a new way to motivate people

  • Be a wise leader

  • Apply your humanity to the art of leadership

  • Connect to something larger than yourself

Spiritually Wise Organizational Model

The Balanced Business Paradigm transforms human relationships within the organization, creates a positive, spirited work environment which awakens the spiritual dimension of your business, enriches the bottom line by enriching the souls of your employees. and creates congruence between your spirit and your professional life.

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