New Beginning: The Balanced Paradigm at Maslow's Transcendent Level



Any time major life transitions and paradigm shifts happen, they can trigger personal and cultural disorientation and destabilization. For the sake of our survival and the existence of civilization, we need to move beyond the destructive prevailing paradigms which no longer work to the Balanced Paradigm at the transcendent level.

The Balanced Paradigm provides a middle way between the Traditional Paradigm and the Mechanistic Paradigm and their corresponding cultural wars. The new model reflects the inherent dynamic balance that makes up the very nature of the universe and reflects the harmony that permeates the cosmos. Its associated integrated worldview helps us regain our ability to speak to people with opposing political views and provides an alternative to the emerging authoritarian world.

The picture of the old rutted road on the left captures the old Traditional Paradigm with its focus on not making changes and its desire to go back to the illusionary "good old days" of the past. The well-worn path on the right stands for the Mechanistic Paradigm with its exclusive focus on making money at all costs. The middle road symbolizes the bright future of the Balanced Paradigm which is created by our taking responsibility for re-balancing the planetary, economic, political and social inequalities that are in the process of destroying civilization and all life on Earth.

The integrated mind set, a new logic system and a both-and way of thinking of the Balanced Paradigm successfully answer Albert Einstein's 1954 warning that if: "Humanity is going to need a new way of thinking if humanity is going to survive." 

A New Wisdom-Based Culture


A New Cultural Group Based on Wisdom Has Emerged!

National research surveys in the United States, Western Europe and Japan that measured and classified values, worldviews and lifestyles found that about 35% of each country’s population* belongs to a newly emerged wisdom-based culture.  

42% Increase in the US Population

In 1995, 23.6% of the US adult population, or 44 million adults shared the same values and new worldview; in 1999, 26% of US adult population,  or 50 million adults, in 2008, 34.9% of US adult population,or 80 million adults

The lack of awareness of the emergence of the wisdom culture is a result of the lack of coverage in mainstream media which is embedded in maintaining the status quo.


*  These numbers, plus or minus 2%, are based on the analysis of  survey research with over 100,000 people surveyed over 22 years, about 500  focus  groups and 60 in-depth interviews.

New Optimal Way of Living

 After any ending of the old way there is the opportunity to transform your life and live in a whole new way. The Balanced Paradigm provides a hopeful, growth orientated model for you to live an optimal life at the top transcendent level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


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