Experience Wisdom During a Major Life Change Online Classes


 Many people who have, or are going through, a major life transition have a difficult time answering: “Who am I now?”

The  online classes help you successfully answer this question and show you  how to transform a crisis into an opportunity to discover, and live  from, who you really are- your wise True Self. The classes also help you  effectively deal with the spiritual existential crisis created by the  ending of your old life.

Wisdom  can be learned from experience through major life transitions such as  divorce, retirement, death or when the last child leaves home. Wisdom also transforms a major life change into a developmental growth process which broadens and deepens the experience.

The  online classes are based on the latest research on wisdom, and  incorporate the central features of both European and Asian wisdom  traditions and philosophies.

Authenticity: The Pathway to Knowing Who You Really Are after a Major Life Transition


In the Experience Wisdom During a Major Life Change Online Classes, you will apply the reflective characteristics of wisdom, that of self-awareness and self-knowledge, which lead to your living a wise and happy life. 

Numerous psychological studies have found that the development of wisdom, when experiencing a major life transition, requires going beyond the projections and defensive strategies of the egocentric False Self. In the online classes, you will refocus your awareness inwardly so you can let go of old, negative conditioning, transition-related fears, and critical self-talk, thus allowing you to experience emotional well-being, know who you really are after experiencing a major life change, and connect to your inner wisdom that resides at the core of your being. 

System for Self-Discovery


 In the online classes you will apply a System for Self-Discovery which helps you remove obstacles to your experiencing greater wisdom by: 

  • Transforming limiting beliefs about yourself 

  • Discovering what really is important at this stage of your life

  • Tapping into the source of well-being 

  • Finding authentic meaning in the next stage of your life

  •  Effectively dealing with the setbacks you encounter when creating a new life

Benefits of the Wisdom-Based Online Classes




Experience the  workshops wherever you are: Zoom app provides you access no matter  what device you use to get online.



Each week you  will have an opportunity to watch an online class, ask questions, read reinforcing handbooks and do implementation exercises.


Applies best learning practices 

The online classes apply the four ways we learn:

Visually by watching the class slides

Auditorily by hearing the presenter’s voice

Cognitively by reading the reinforcing handbooks

Tactually by completing the exercises.




The online classes provide you with accountability, which is important, because willpower without structure can ebb and flow, which often results in a failed attempt in achieving long-term personal growth.


Sessions are presented in an effective micro-learning format 

The classes are presented weekly which:

— Incorporates the fact that changing your life is not a onetime  event, but a process.

— Provides time for you to incorporate the insights, examples and   principles from the classes into your life. 

— Allows you to avoid being overwhelmed by a “fire hose of   information.”



If you need to miss a weekly class, you will not fall behind, since you will be able to listen to a recording of the session.  


Direct, customized experience

Work directly with, and have the opportunity to ask questions to, the author of the program who invested over 3 decades of his life in developing the workshop  material. The presenter of the online  classes has experienced the death of his spouse, been divorced and left his business.



 The online classes come with a: