Executive Educational Seminar on Wisdom


The executive seminar enables your senior management to learn: 

  • The three aspects of wisdom from empirical academic research 

  • The difference between "deficit" and "being" cognition 

  • A new dimension to executive work 

  • Cognitive strategies for wise thinking

  • Maslow’s highest level of motivation

  •  A new high-performance wisdom-based organizational model

The topics presented in the seminar are:

- Seven Principles of the Balanced Business Paradigm

This section presents the principles that create a framework for wisdom to emerge in your organization. You will:

  • Become aware of how the principles of the new paradigm for doing business that transform your business and expands the consciousness of your organization

- Wisdom-Based Way of Thinking

The seminar will expand your awareness to a wisdom-based business way of thinking that allows you to become aware of how:

  • A newly discovered logic system for a balanced wisdom way of thinking

  • Wisdom can enhance good judgment

  • You can make wise personal and business decisions

- Transcendent Leadership

 Leadership is transformed at the transcendent level which:

  • Naturally uplifts the human spirit in your workplace.

  •  Creates a Being Approach to engaging employees 

- Transcendent Organizational Model

You will become aware in this seminar section how an organizational model of the Balanced Business Paradigm:

  • Provides a connection for wisdom and business to intersect in your organization

  • Recognize the nature and history of the current mechanistic organizational model for doing business

Develop Wise Leadership


Transcendent Educational Workshop

The wisdom-based workshop provides the framework for a highly effective leadership model. You will learn how to apply the three aspects of wisdom recently discovered by empirical academic research. 


The wisdom-based workshop provides the framework for a highly effective leadership model. You will learn how to apply the three aspects of wisdom recently discovered by empirical academic research. In the workshop you will learn how wisdom will:

  • Enhance good leadership judgment

  • Help leaders make wise personal and business decisions

  •  Reengage employees

  • Strengthen sense of presence and influence 

  • Apply humanity to leadership

Transcendent leadership uplifts the human spirit in the workplace, instills cooperation and provides the framework for genuine teamwork in your organization.

Wisdom-Based Organizational Model


Infuse Wisdom Throughout Your Organization Which:

Transforms Your Organization By:

  • Expanding business awareness to a holistic perspective that allows your organization to be seen as an integrated whole

  • Creating inter-team and interdepartmental cooperation


  • Connecting your company with its core, where its guiding principles and values are located


  • Having your organization be able to stay on course through the ups and downs of business cycles

  •  Encouraging social and environmental responsibility through the realization that everything your company does has an impact 

Transforms Work-Groups and Teams By:

  • Developing a trust in  the innate intelligence of the new team dynamics 

  • Establishing mutual respect


  • Having members become aware of a multi-value logic system that strengthens their decision-making skills 

  •  Learning techniques to find creative solutions and strategic tools to implement them 

  • Constructively creating a consistently positive, productive team environment 

  •  Having each member become s responsible for the co–creation and evolution of the larger organization 

Transforms Employees By:

  • Knowing that their work is helping to fulfill their life's destiny 


  • Taking a Being Approach to interacting with other people

  • Going beyond the zero-sum of win-lose gamesmanship


  • Finding new possibilities in other people

When People Walked into Your Wisdom-Based Company


They would feel:

  •   High-energy

  •   A caring environment

  •   Attitude of we are here to help

  •   High level of engagement by all employees

  •   Creativity  
  •   Empowerment
  •   A spiritual undertone
  •  That employees acted purposefully

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