Apply Wisdom to Transform Your Life


Transition to an Optimal Way of Living

The Wisdom Company applies decades of experiential wisdom learnt from helping people successfully make major life transitions and the three aspects of wisdom so you can live:

  • A life of authenticity by connecting to the core of your being 

  • At the top Being level of transcendence on Maslow's hierarchy of needs

  • An actualized life 

Reasons Why You Would Want to Live a Wisdom-Based Life


50 Practical Benefits

The company's Wisdom Development Program  provides the framework for you to: 


1. Become a fully functioning human being 

2. Inherently trust the process of your life unfolding exactly as it should

3. Experience serenity no matter what circumstances you may encounter

4. Love yourself unconditionally

5. Live with authenticity since it’s the pathway to wisdom and transcendence 

6. Achieve dynamic balance in all aspects of your life

7. Expand your awareness 

8. Feel that your life is guided 

9. Live from your highest values

10. Experience your highest emotions

11. Change your perceptions of yourself and the world 

12. Integrate your mindset

13. Develop a both-and perspective 

14. Balance the way you think 

15. Begin the process for transforming your life

16. Feel connected with the oneness of creation

17. Go beyond fears, addictions and attachments

18. Experience satisfaction with your life

19. Know that you are fulfilling your life's destiny 

20. Expand to a holistic consciousness whose importance was refereed to by Einstein when he said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." You can’t personally grow by using a limiting, negative way of thinking. 

21. Be motivated by the desire to know and to love

22. Be connected to something larger than yourself

23. Work for the common good of people 

24. Experience genuine spirituality beyond religion

25. Communicate with people who have diametrically opposed political views from yours 

26. Live a balanced life

27. Be a wise decision-maker 

28. Expand your sense of identity

29. Be of service to others 

30. Be a vehicle for creativity to unfold in the world

31. Develop a whole new sense of humor by taking the “weight of the world” off your shoulders

32. Know your life’s destiny

33. Go beyond an egocentric life to a being-centric life

34. Exercise good judgement and make wise life choices 

35. Be compassionate and loving

36. Have a clear vision of what could be and what needs to be done to make it a reality

37. Experience a deep sense of knowing 

38. Go beyond “your own skin” by connecting to a larger cause 

39. See beauty in the world 

40. Find possibilities in other people

41. See the sacred in each person and every living thing

42. Feel comfortable with mystery 

43. Go beyond the zero-sum of win-lose gamesmanship

44. Be moved by awe

45. Be humble, since it is essential to connecting to your inner wisdom and living at the transcendence level

46. Position your life in the unfolding story of creation

47. Apply the transcendence level to actualize your potential

48. Develop an optimal level of well-being 

49. Take a Being Approach to interacting with other people

50. Transform your life 

Wisdom Building Program

7 Principles of Self-Transcendence

7 Principles of Self-Transcendence

7 Principles of Self-Transcendence


In the first section of the program you will learn 7 principles which provide you with a comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step methodology for you to know:   

  • What transcendence is and how can it transform your life 

  • Your physical connection to the oneness of the universe 

  • Characteristics and emotions of living at the transcendent level

  • Transcendent motivational needs and value system 

  • Principles, mental paradigm, worldview and mindset at the sixth motivational level 

  • Transcendent experiences and lessons learned

  • Spiritual wisdom at the sixth motivational level

Freedom To Be Your Authentic Self

7 Principles of Self-Transcendence

7 Principles of Self-Transcendence


In this section of the program you will learn how to apply the 7 wisdom-based principles in a System of Self-Discovery that connects you to the core of your being which allows you to:

  • Transform limiting beliefs about yourself

  • Discover what really is important to you
  • Effectively deal with discouragement and setbacks

  • Develops an unconditional love towards yourself 

  • Find authentic meaning and purpose in your life

Actualize Your Potential

7 Principles of Self-Transcendence

Program Participant's Feedback


The program then applies the seven wisdom-based principles to psychologically transform yourself by showing you how to be best the possible ‘you’ by:

  • Receive meaningful coincidences in your life

  • Redefining your core assumptions

  • Reemergence of your healthy ego self

  • Re-ground your life

  • Reevaluate your relationship with yourself 


You will then transform yourself emotionally by the program showing you how to:

  • Realize how innately significant you are

  • Reframe how you view yourself

  • Release your need for attachments

  • Reinforce the emergence of your True Self

  • Revitalize your life by loving yourself


Program Participant's Feedback

Benefits of The Online Classes

Program Participant's Feedback


I have been participating in Jack’s program of the seven principals of living a life of significance and I couldn’t be more pleased. Jack’s years of experience in his field are evident as he helps raise your understanding of the mind /soul connection. His insights and knowledge of the holistic human condition are the most impressive I have ever experienced in my years of attempting to find true personal growth. His program and thoughtful words speak in depth and precision as they gently guide you towards your goals raising your self-awareness to new heights along the way. He offers a systemic methodology which astounds with one “ah ha” moment after another, you’ll think the program was developed specifically for you. Ultimately, the gift is a key to open the door and bravely step through to the other side and begin the next exciting chapter of your life.

- Rob Leonetti

I learned that behaviors and attitudes of our parents / teachers in many ways keep us from becoming who we are truly meant to be. I have given this a lot of thought and it is helping me immensely ... to let go of many ‘should(s)’ and allowing myself to simply ‘be’. Thank you

- Catherine Norcott

· I found many of the ideas and exercises that Jack shared help you focus on the things that you value in your life. To live a life of meaning you must be willing to work and explore in ways that you may have not been able to when you were younger. Very few courses I’ve participated in have addressed so many aspects of how to have an extraordinary second half of life. Actually, if people were exposed to this material earlier they might get more joy out of their entire life.

-Tripp Braden

Going through the workshop refreshed and reinforced my sense of connectedness and integration.

- Andy Moysenko


“I was extremely impressed by the depth and scope of material presented by Jack Beauregard in his self-transcendence workshop – I learned concepts that I had  never been exposed to in the past and gained insight into reaching the levels necessary for transcendence in your life. I would encourage those seeking more spirituality and knowledge on this subject to invest in Jack’s workshop!”

     - Sandra Munier, Esq.

Benefits of The Online Classes

Benefits of The Online Classes

Benefits of The Online Classes


  •  Convenient

Experience the workshops wherever you are: Zoom app provides you access no matter   what device you use to get online.

  • Methodical

Each week you will have an opportunity to watch an online class, ask questions, read reinforcing handbooks and do implementation exercises.

  • Best Learning Practices 

The online classes apply the four ways we learn:

— Visually by watching the class slides

— Auditorily by hearing the material

— Cognitively by reading the reinforcing handbooks

— Tactually by completing the exercises.

  • Accountability

The  online classes provide you with accountability, which is important,  because willpower without structure can ebb and flow, which often  results in a failed attempt in achieving long-term personal growth.

  • Effective Micro-Learning Format

The classes incorporate the fact that changing your life is not a onetime event, but a process.

— Provides time for you to incorporate the insights, examples and principles from the classes into your life. 

— Allows you to avoid being overwhelmed by a “fire hose of information.”

  • Flexible

If  you need to miss a weekly class, you will not fall behind, since you will be able to listen to a recording of the session.  

  • Customized Experience

Work  directly with, and have the opportunity to ask questions to, the author  of  the program who invested over 3 decades of his life in developing  the workshop material.

  • Economical 

Because the organization is a non-profit company the cost for the four weekly, live sessions, and 200 pages of reinforcing handbooks,is only 



Benefits of The Online Classes

Benefits of The Online Classes


 The online classes come with a:   



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