Wisdom Building Program

The Wisdom Company's classes teach the thought process of wisdom which allows you to:

  •  Apply sound reasoning

  • Exercise good judgment

  •  Develop a both-and perspective 

  •  Make well-thought out decisions


  • Choose wisely  

The Wisdom Company’s classes teach the self-reflective process of wisdom that allows you to become:

  •  Mindful

  •  Psychologically healthy

  •  Emotionally balanced

  •   Resilient

The Wisdom Company’s classes teach the transcendent aspect of wisdom that allows you to live a:

  •   Significant life 


  •   Meaningful life 


  •   Spiritual life


  •    A wise life

Connect to, and Live from, Your Wise True Self

Authenticity: The Pathway to Wisdom



In the Wisdom Building Classes, you will apply the reflective characteristics of wisdom, that of  self-awareness and self-knowledge, which lead to your living a wise and  happy life. 

Numerous psychological studies have found that the development of wisdom requires going beyond the  projections and defensive strategies of the egocentric False Self. In  the online classes, you will refocus your awareness inwardly so you can  let go of old, negative conditioning, transition-related fears, and  critical self-talk, thus allowing you to experience emotional  well-being, know who you really are and connect to your inner wisdom that resides at the core of your being. 

System for Self-Discovery


In the online classes you will apply a System for Self-Discovery that helps you remove obstacles to your experiencing greater wisdom by: 

  • Transforming limiting beliefs about yourself 

  • Tapping into the source of well-being 

  • Finding authentic meaning in the next stage of your life

  • Effectively dealing with the setbacks you encounter when creating a new life

"Wise Thinking”


Academic research has found that the way we think is a key aspect of becoming wiser when transitioning into a new stage of life. 

In the online classes, you will apply the cognitive characteristics of wisdom which allows you to:

  • Understand the process of foolish thinking  

  • Apply the 12 steps of wise reasoning 

  • Learn the thought processes of wisdom

  • Know wisdom-based cognitive strategies

  • Increase constructive problem-solving

  •   Make wise decisions 

Going Beyond The Old You


 The wisdom classes teach self-transcendence, the affective aspect of wisdom, in which you will learn the: 

  • Mental paradigm that resides at the transcendent level of spiritual wisdom

  • Transcendent motivational needs and value system 

  • Principles, worldview and mindset at the sixth motivational level 

  • Thought process of a “Deficit versus a “Being” way of thinking

  • Connection to the oneness of creation 




The online classes come with a :




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