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  • Would you like to join us as we embark upon a journey to resuscitate wisdom, civility and our culture? 

  • Would you like to feel connected to something larger than yourself and help others to do the same?

  • Would you like to convene and converse with others who want to apply wisdom to unify our country?

  • Would you be willing to offer your wisdom while being open to learning from others?


The universal platform of the Wisdom Company is to be the home of a community made up of academic researchers, wisdom-based people and professionals who have the expertise to practically apply wisdom-based research. 

A key focus of the Wisdom Company is to generate interdisciplinary collaboration in how wisdom can be applied to creating national unity through mutual respect and into the lives of people. The Wisdom Company is looking for research articles that can be put onto practice to help save our civilization before it is too late.

Being a content contributor:

  • Opens up the opportunity for you to gain greater exposure of your work by expanding awareness of your research to the general public.

  • You will have access to a qualified population for research studies.

  • Request feedback from council members, professional advisors and wisdom-oriented people in how to practically apply your research.

Personally, the Wisdom Company provides a touchstone place for you to become recharged and re-grounded by being part of a like-minded community of wisdom content contributors who are participating in the emergence of wisdom-based culture. 

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