Create a Wisdom-Based Life Online Classes

Live Your Life Wisely

Create a Wisdom-Based Life Online Coaching Classes


By participating in the Create a Wisdom-Based Life Online Coaching you will wisely:

  • Embrace life by creating a new life after the loss of your loved one

  • Get your head in the right place regarding retirement and selling a business

  • Create a "new life" together after your youngest child has left home

  • Choose a meaningful and fulfilling post-married life

Avoid Misguided, Short-Sighted Choices


The Create a Wisdom-Based Life Online Coaching helps you avoid making misguided, short-sighted choices which can create mistakes that can last a lifetime such as:

  • Meaningless Rut: 

 People have successfully transitioned, but foolishly didn’t plan what to do with their new lives. This causes them to dig themselves into a hole of meaningless and purposeless activities.

  • Post Transition Stress Disorder:


This is experienced by people who have only thought of one thing they want to do after making a major life transition. When that idea doesn’t work, they become bored and depressed, and make poor life decisions and rash personal choices in order to make sense out of life once more.

  • Gray Divorce:

 In 1990, 10% of all divorces were by people aged 50+. In 2009, 25 % of all divorces were by people aged 50+. Baby Boomer wives often experience “full nest” syndrome when their husbands retire and are home 24/7; a scenario ripe for experiencing “Gray Divorce.” The Values and Outlook qualification exercises that are used in the online classes create a “common sheet of music” which helps minimize divorce in people aged 50 and over.

Live a Longer and Healthier Life


The Create a Wisdom-Based Life Online Coaching keeps you mentally and physically healthy. 

  • Studies have shown that a 15% differential exists in the death rate between people who are living a purposeful life and those who are living an aimless and directionless life. 

  • A research paper entitled “Having a Sense of Purpose May Add Years to Your Life” published in Psychological Science, a Journal of the Association for Psychological Science found that feeling that you have a sense of purpose in life helps you live longer, no matter what your age.


  • Also, researchers from the University College in London found that people who had reported they had been very bored were two and a half times more likely to die of a heart problem than those who hadn't reported being bored. Higher levels of purpose in life have also been found to reduce the deleterious effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

7 Strategic Steps™


In the classes, you will apply a proven methodology of personal development that is designed around 7 Strategic Steps as well as the latest discoveries from psychology and neuroscience. These Steps provide you with a comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step methodology for exploring and choosing your wise lifestyle options, and a plan for how you will implement each of your lifestyle decisions in the major aspects of your life.

Live your life wisely personal development workshops


In the coaching classes you will:

• Find ideas so you won’t feel marginalized, bored and irrelevant

• Articulate ideas that you never thought of before

• Create a vision for your life that pulls you towards it

• Create a specific plan for a happy future life

• Avoid a reactive life by embracing the unknowns

• Know what you want to do, and what you need to do, for your future

Global Wisdom-Based Coaching


The following coaches have been trained in Wisdom-Based Coaching


Australia:   Peter McKnoulty        


Canada:  Dave Sinclair           

United States:  Andy Moysenko