Creating Unity Through Mutual Respect Course


Course to Rebuild National Unity

The goal of the unity workshop is to propel us from the current fragmented state of our country by showing how to transcend extremism and polarization. The workshop shows how to create a new American identity that transcends and unites all of the country’s subgroups so we can work together as one people to create a better future for all. The application of the higher state of unity both incorporates and moves civility to a whole new level. The workshop is based on experiential and empirical wisdom-based research to transform a culture of contempt into a culture of compassion.

Personal Benefits

The Creating Unity Through Mutual Respect workshop helps you learn how to: 

  •  Better defend your beliefs through robust dialogue

  •  Become stronger in analyzing and assessing your political positions

  • Create common ground with people that you disagree with

  • Become a healing unifier by learning how to apply a balanced way of thinking that turns conflict into conversations

12 Unity–Building Steps

The mutual respect training course is designed around 12 unity–building steps that will help you be able to:

  • Disagree without disrespecting the other person

  •  View opposite political positions as integral parts of a whole solution

  •  Create harmonious consensus with people that you disagree with to re-unify this nation

Answer Your Civic Duty

 Attending the workshop will help you fulfill your civic duty to restore national unity and civility in this country and enables you to converse with others who want to do the same to solve the serious issues that we are facing. In this election year it is especially important that you exercise your civic duty by joining the movement for creating national unification.

Authenticity: The Pathway to Truthful Dialogue Course


Polarized identity politics and programs and social media in the "Outrage Industry" want us to believe that what they say is the truth which is why we should identity who we are with their messages. It can also cause us to treat people with whom we disagree with contempt and disgust by having us falsely believe that they are inherently evil. 

This advanced wisdom-based course on authenticity breaks us free from extremism and polarization and enables us to make a deep connection to the core of our own being. This in turn enables us to enter into genuine truthful dialogue with people on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

Apply The Cognitive Dimension Of Wisdom To Transform The Way You Think

In the personal transformation course, you will become aware of the thought process of wisdom and the seven cognitive strategies that create civil discourse and learn how to:

  • Understand the thought processes of contempt and disrespect

  • Moderate extreme viewpoints

  • View disagreements from a both-and perspective

  • Fill in the void created by polarization 

  • Work with others to find creative solutions

Apply The Self-Reflective Dimension Of Wisdom To Transform The Way You Interact

The System for Self-Discovery

The personal self-unifying system of Self-Discovery that is presented in the course will help you refocus your awareness inwardly, re-identify with who you really are and help you go beyond old, negative conditioning, fears, and critical self-talk, thus allowing you to:


  • Become authentic, which is the pathway to mutual respect, civility and wisdo

  • Break free from limiting identities by connecting to who you are at the core of your being 

  • Expand your self-awareness 

  • Become more grounded

  • Apply the Power of Presence to making connections with other people

The course is based on the presenter's book: "7 Principles For Living With Authenticity"

Balanced Paradigm of Unity Course


Applies The Transcendent Dimension of Wisdom

In this course, you will learn about the transcendent dimension of wisdom in the Balanced Paradigm. 

The course provides a comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step approach for you to learn:   

  • What transcendence is 

  • Your physical connection to the oneness of the universe 

  • Characteristics and emotions of living at the transcendent level

  • Transcendent motivational needs and value system 

  • Principles, the worldview and mindset at the transcendence level 

  • Transcendent experiences and lessons learned

  • A higher level of consciousness

  • Genuine experiential spirituality 

Decades of Proven Success

 The 7 scientific principles of the Balanced Paradigm have:

  • Helped people connect with who they really are

  • Transformed the lives of clients 

  • Transitioned people into the next stage of their lives

  • Guided business owners to help them determine what to do with their companies

  • Created intellectual, emotional and psychological transformations

  • Helped people make robust decisions

  • Lead people to create new purposeful lives

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