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Seven Principles of Transcendence

Seven Principles of Transcendence


 Spiritual wisdom resides at the transcendent level on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. 

The online classes present a non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-traditional, spirituality which allows you to connect with the essence of all religions without the need to have faith in new beliefs. 

The classes show you how to experience a higher spiritual level so you can manifest the transcendent aspect of wisdom in your personal and professional life by:

  • Re-awakening your sense of significance 

  • Realizing your personal blessings

  • Reestablishing the sense of oneness 

  • Restoring your wholeness 

  • Renewing your connection to something larger than yourself

  • Repositioning your role in life

  • Re-purposing your life

Seven Principles of Transcendence

Seven Principles of Transcendence

Seven Principles of Transcendence


The seven principles of transcendence that are presented in the classes have successfully:


— Transformed mental health organizations

— Integrated people and cultures after a business merger or acquisitions 

— Helped people connect with who they really are

— Transformed the lives of clients 

— Transitioned people into the next stage of their lives

— Guided business owners know what to do with their with their companies

— Created intellectual, emotional and psychological transformation

— Helped people make robust decisions

— Lead people to create new purposeful lives

Spiritual wisdom online workshops

Seven Principles of Transcendence

Spiritual wisdom online workshops


  The following topics are covered in the weekly online classes:

  • Mental paradigm that resides at the transcendent level of spiritual wisdom

  • Transcendent motivational needs and value system 

  • Principles, worldview and mindset at the sixth motivational level 

  •  Thought process of a “Deficit versus a “Being” way of thinking

  • Connection to the oneness of creation 

  • A higher level of consciousness

  • Genuine experiential spirituality 

Class Presenter

Benefits of The Online Classes

Spiritual wisdom online workshops


The workshop present the spiritual wisdom of transcendence

Benefits of The Online Classes

Benefits of The Online Classes


  “I was extremely impressed by the depth and scope of material presented by Jack Beauregard in his self-transcendence classes – I learned concepts that I had never been exposed to in the past and gained insight into reaching the levels necessary for transcendence in your life. I would encourage those seeking more spirituality and knowledge on this subject to invest in Jack’s workshop!” 

                  - Sandra Munier, Esq.


The self-transcendence online classes covers a lot of ground in an area that is sadly ignored in the modern, externally oriented and action addicted world. During the online classes, Jack Beauregard brings the participant from being a pawn in this need-driven paradigm to becoming a person of authenticity and significance. And, he does this with well-documented, non-esoteric examples. This is a worthwhile experience and can help the individual in finding answers to the existential questions once highlighted by the French painter Paul Gaugin: “Where do we come from / here are we going.” 


         - A. E. Moysenko 

Benefits of The Online Classes

Benefits of The Online Classes

Benefits of The Online Classes



  • Convenient

Experience the workshops wherever you are: Zoom app provides you access no matter   what device you use to get online.


  • Methodical

Each week you will have an opportunity to watch an online class, ask questions, read reinforcing handbooks and do implementation exercises.


  • Applies best learning practices 

The online classes apply the four ways we learn:

Visually by watching the class slides

Auditorily by hearing the presenter’s voice

Cognitively by reading the reinforcing handbooks

Tactually by completing the exercises.


  • Provides accountability

The online classes provide you with accountability, which is important, because willpower without structure can ebb and flow, which often results in a failed attempt in achieving long-term personal growth.


  • The classes are presented in an effective micro-learning weekly format which:

— Incorporates the fact that changing your life is not a onetime event, but a process.

— Provides time for you to incorporate the insights, examples and principles from the classes into your life. 

— Allows you to avoid being overwhelmed by a “fire hose of information.”


  • Flexible

If  you need to miss a weekly class, you will not fall behind, since you will be able to listen to a recording of the session.  


  • Direct, customized experience

Work directly with, and have the opportunity to ask questions to, the author of  the program who invested over 3 decades of his life in developing the workshop material.

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