Downloadable Written Wisdom In Transition Questionnaire


  • Would you like to become aware of how changes in your life that have made you wiser? 

  • Would you like to be better prepared to deal with life changes in the future?

  • Would you like to read about your answers have contributed to an article on wisdom lessons that will be published in an academic journal?

Participation Invitation

 You are invited to participate in Wisdom in Transitions study that is a collaborative research project between the Wisdom Company and postdoctoral researchers at the Department of Management at the Warrington Collage of Business in the University of Florida and Smith School of Business at Queens College in Kingston Ontario Canada.

Anonymous Study

This is an anonymous study since responses are not connected with your name at any time and will not be shared with any third party. 

Feel More Comfortable with a Printed Questionnaire

You can download the questionnaire, completed at  a convenient time for you and send back as an attachment.


 By your agreeing to participate in this research project you not only expanding your awareness you are also contributing to the creation of a legacy of wisdom. 

Wisdom In Transition Questionnaire

Files coming soon.