Make America 1 Again


  •  Would you like to join us as we embark upon a journey to resuscitate wisdom, civility and our culture? 

  • Would you like to feel connected to something larger than yourself and help others to do the same?

  • Would you like to convene and converse with others who want to apply wisdom to unify our country?

  • Would you be willing to offer your wisdom while being open to learning from others?


The Wisdom Company's Creating National Unity Through Mutual Respect In-Person or Online Workshop helps you become wiser so you can:


  • Answer your civic duty to restore civility 

  • Assume responsibility in helping to save democracy and civilization 

  • Help the country go beyond polarization and division

  • Experience meaning by helping to create unity 

  • Repair politically-broken relationships 

  • Step into the change that you want to see

  • Thrive better and help make the world a better place 

Creating National Unity Through Mutual Respect

A Wisdom-Based Workshop

Wisdom Generating Online Civility Classes


The wisdom based personal development workshop is based on empirical research and scientifically-based principles. The body of transition wisdom that is presented in the workshop is also derived from decades of helping people learn wisdom when experiencing major life transitions. 

The civility workshop is wisdom generating since it combines self-knowledge with proven techniques for you to be able to disagree without disrespecting people who have diametrically opposite opinions from yours. The Creating National Unity Through Mutual Respect wisdom-based online workshop applies the three personal characteristics of wisdom which are: 

The Cognitive Characteristic of Wisdom


The wisdom-based workshop addresses Albert Einstein's warning that:"If humanity doesn't change the way it thinks, humanity will cease to exist." 

In the workshop, you will become aware of the thought process of wisdom and the seven cognitive strategies that create civil discourse and learn how to:

  • Understand the thought processes of contempt and disrespect

  •  Moderate extreme viewpoints 


  • View disagreements  from a both-and perspective


  • Fill in the void created by polarization 

  • Work with others to find creative solutions

The Reflective Characteristic of Wisdom


 In the Creating National Unity Through Mutual Respect wisdom-based online class you will apply a System of Self- Discovery that will help you:  

  • Become authentic which is the pathway to mutual respect, civility and wisdom 

  • Break free from limiting identities by connecting to who you are at the core of your being 

  • Expand your self-awareness 

  • Become more grounded  

  • Apply the Power of Presence to making connections with other people

The Affective Characteristic of Wisdom



In the workshop you will learn about self-transcendence, the affective aspect of wisdom, which enhances your ability to reunite our country one person at a time. 

In this section of the workshop you will learn how to: 

  • Apply the highest motivational level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 

  • Go beyond obstacles to civility 

  • Be empathic, and understanding 

  • Converse with compassion and benevolence

  • Transcend egocentric subjectivity and projections 

“How to” Techniques to “Disagree without Being Disagreeable”



The reflective characteristic of wisdom that is presented in the workshop connects you to the core of your being which allows you to speak from your "heart" which enhances cooperation based on honesty and mutual respect.

The integrated format of the workshop combines the three personal characteristics of wisdom with “how to” techniques that facilitates establishing agreement and finding practical solutions between people with opposing views.


In this section of the workshop you will become aware of the art of authentic communication by:

  • Understanding the communication process

  •  Learning how to ask questions effectively

  • Recognizing speech patterns

  • Knowing how to handle objections

  •  Being aware of non-verbal communication

An additional benefit is that the skills that you learn can be applied to enhance their personal and professional conversations. 

 Make America One Again: A Practice Workshop in Civility


Many people who attend a one day workshop in a couple of week later people fall back into old patterns of the past. This is why after completing the civility training program people will have an opportunity to practically apply the art and skills disagreeing without disrespecting with people who have opposing view in a safe, neutral non-political space. 



 Jack Beauregard is the founder of the Wisdom Company, an international organization located in Cambridge, MA. As well as founder and CEO of the Successful Transition Planning Institute, Jack has trained over fifty professionals, on four continents, in his wisdom-based methodology which helps people who are facing major life changes make wise life choices and well-thought out decisions in creating new lives filled with meaning.

The content of the civility online workshop is based on three decades of research as well as studies at Harvard University. The online workshop also incorporates the central features of European and Asian wisdom traditions, recent psychological and behavioral science research, and the three personal characteristics of wisdom. The principles that are applied in the workshop have transformed mental health organizations, been applied in the cultural integrations after mergers and acquisitions and for decades have transformed the lives of people.

Jack is the author of three books including Seven Principles of Authenticity. He has a political science degree from Duquesne University and is an alumnus of Harvard Divinity School. 

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