The Wisdom Company Advisory Group

Answering the following questions help you determine if you would be interested in advising the comp

  • Would you like to join us as we embark upon a journey to resuscitate wisdom, civility and our culture? 

  • Would you like to feel connected to something larger than yourself and help others to do the same?

  • Would you like to convene and converse with others who want to apply wisdom to unify our country?

  • Would you be willing to offer your wisdom while being open to learning from others?


  • Would you want to have wisdom become an operational benchmark for making personal, business, national and global decisions?

  • Would you like to interact with professors who are doing academic researchers on empirical wisdom?   

  • Do you embrace the goal of the Wisdom Company which is to enhance wisdom in the world, one person at a time?  

  • Do you understand the importance of mutual respect in creating balance in the world?  

  • Do you have the desire to be a catalyst for change?  

  • Do you want to share your talents for the common good?     

  • Do you want to leave a legacy?  

  • Do you want a touchstone place for you to become personally recharged and re-grounded? 


  • Would you like a new opportunity to brand yourself by informing people that you have been accepted into an international wisdom-based organization? 

  • Would you like to have wisdom be a new marketing differentiator? 

  • Would you like to have the ability to offer your products or services to other members in the Wisdom Company?

  • Would you like to work on projects with other advisors outside of the organization?

If the majority of your answers were YES, you might want to explore non-financial membership  into the Advisory Group of the Wisdom Company. Complete the form bellow to arrange a time for an exploratory phone call.


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