Jack Beauregard has decades of experience in helping people develop wisdom


Jack Beauregard is a knowledge expert in experiential wisdom derived from decades of experience in helping people make major life transition. Jack is the founder of the educational Wisdom Company, an international organization located in Cambridge, MA. He has trained over fifty professionals, on four continents, in the methodology that is used in the wisdom-based civility training courses based on the principles of the Balanced Paradigm, a new model of reality based on dynamic balance.

The content of the civility and wisdom courses is based on three decades of research as well as studies at Harvard University. The courses also incorporate the central features of European and Asian wisdom traditions, recent psychological and behavioral science research, and the three personal characteristics of wisdom. The principles that are applied in the course have transformed mental health organizations, been applied in the cultural integrations after mergers and acquisitions and for decades have transformed the lives of people.


Jack is a national speaker and an award-winning author of three books including Seven Principles of Authenticity. He has a political science degree from Duquesne University and is an alumnus of Harvard Divinity School.