Wisdom Building Development Programs

Cognitive Aspect of Wisdom


The Wisdom Company classes teach the thought process of wisdom which allows you to:

  • Apply sound reasoning

  • Choice wisely

  • Have good judgment

  • Make well-thought out decisions

  • Take a both-and  perspective  

Reflective Aspect of Wisdom


 In the wisdom-based classes you will apply the System of Discovery to  expand the self-awareness process of wisdom that allows you to become:

  • Mindful

  • A detached observer

  • Emotional and psychological healthy

  • Balanced

  • Resilient

Transcendent Aspect of Wisdom


 The Wisdom Building Personal Development Programs provide the framework for you to experience transcendent process of wisdom which allows you to live a:

  • Significant life 

  • Meaningful life 

  • Spiritual life

  • Wise life

The Wisdom Company


  • The Wisdom company’s programs apply proven principles and methodology that provides a practical way for you to live a wisdom-based life.

  • The company’s programs present a new a multi-valued logic system, the foundation for the thought process of wisdom, that allows you to apply sound reasoning, make well-thought out decisions and wise life choices.

  • The programs are based the latest research on wisdom in behavioral science and 20 years of learnt experiential wisdom from helping people make successful major life transitions into new lives filled with meaning and purpose.

Wisdom Building Educational Programs

The company’s online Wisdom Building Personal Development Programs are built upon seven scientifically proven principles and the three personal characteristics of wisdom that provides the framework for you to:

  • Transform a life transition into a growth experience 

  • Become a wisdom-based leader

  • Experience transcendent spiritual wisdom 

  • Live wisely in all aspects of your daily life  


Unifying Course on Creating Civility Online Classes

 Learn about a Wisdom-Based personal development online classes that helps you:

  • Stop the growing problem of Incivility 


  • Disagree without dis-respecting

  • Repair politically-broken relationships

  • Create unity by going beyond polarization and extremism

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Inter-Generational Sharing of Wisdom

The focus of the company Is to share wisdom between generations and to provide qualitative data for a research project entitled Wisdom In Transitions Study.  

The Balanced Paradigm


Learn about a new mental paradigm the Balanced Paradigm and associate wisdom-based culture have emerged which  provides a hopeful future for mankind and life on Earth.

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