The Wisdom Company is an international organization that is a clearing house for the dissimulation of experiential wisdom that has been learnt from working with people globally who have gone through major life changes. 

The mission of the Company is to make wisdom operational in people’s lives and to be a touchstone for making decisions to solve our national and global problems

The Company provides an integrated platform for academic researchers to work with successful business professionals and others to practically apply wisdom to creating civility and solving the world's problems. 

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Wisdom In Transition

The Company is a leading source of experiential wisdom that is derived from decades of helping people going through major life transitions including divorce, death of a loved one and retirement. 


These wisdom lessons and insights are shared in The Wisdom Company's Experimental Wisdom Reference Library. To Visit Click Here

The qualitative data gathered over the years is being used in a research project entitled:  Wisdom In Transition Study conducted by the Warrington School of Business at the University of Florida and the Smith College of Business at Queen's University in Hamilton, Canada. The findings will be published in an article in an academic journal.

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Applied Empirical Research

The Company’s wisdom based programs are based on empirical academic research that applies the cognitive, reflective and affective characteristics of wisdom to help people develop the art and skill of being wise and creating a wisdom-based life.

Spiritual Wisdom

The Wisdom Company’s methods and tools help people reach the spiritual level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The Company’s non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-traditional spirituality program allows people to connect with the essence of all religions without the need to have faith in new beliefs. The self-transcendent workshop is solidly based on Jack Beauregard’s, the founder of the Wisdom Company, personal illuminative experiences and graduate work at Harvard Divinity School and is grounded in transcendent and humanistic psychology.

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A New Wisdom-Based Model For The World

The old paradigms that we have been seeing the world through are no longer working. This is reflected in the rise of: fundamentalism, economic inequality, social injustice, extremism, fascism, tribalism, religious intolerance and the destruction of the planet. Either we move beyond the outdated prevailing paradigms, or we, and civilization as we know it, will cease to exist.

The Wisdom Company’s founder has devoted over thirty years in researching and developing a balanced model of reality that provides a mental framework for a new wisdom-based way of thinking and a both-and perspective for how we view ourselves and the world around us. The Balanced Paradigm provides a new beginning that is filled with hope and promise, respect, compassion and civility.

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Achieving Unity Through Mutual Respect


A Wisdom-Based Training Program

The organization's goal is to apply the wisdom of unity to counterbalance polarization throughout the United States and across the globe.

The old ways that we have been treating each other in society are no longer working. This is manifested in the rise of: political polarization, disdain for compromise, disregard for the facts and truth, a culture of  contempt, climate change denial and manipulation by social media. Incivility has grown exponentially in our country  and around the  world. 

The Achieving Unity Through Mutual Respect Training Program successfully addresses Albert Einstein’s warning that: “If humanity  doesn't change the way it thinks, humanity will cease to exist.” The  program effectively deals with the fundamental issues that are tearing our country apart. By applying the wisdom of unity, attendees will:


—  Become aware of the thought processes of polarization and wisdom 

—   Utilize seven cognitive strategies for creating civil discourse

—    Apply a System of Self-Discovery that helps people become authentic which is the pathway to mutual respect, civility and wisdom

—   Learn how to go beyond projections and polarization which enhances their ability to reunite our country one person at a time

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 Transcending Conflict Through The Wisdom Of Unity


  • Do you believe that our culture is suffering from a lack of leaders who seek honor and promote wisdom? 

  • Do you believe there is a need for deep conversations that embrace diversity and promote unity?

  • Do you believe that incivility and divisiveness are growing problems?

  • Do you believe that we are turning dangerously away from the wisdom and the lessons of those who came before us?

  • Do you believe that this is a problem in need of thoughtful attention from thoughtful women and men? 


Civility Practice Workshop

 In this safe practice workshop, you will practice the art and skills of talking to the “enemy” and disagreeing, without disrespecting, people who have opposing political views.  

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Wisdom Building Educational Programs

The company’s Developing Personal Wisdom online workshop is built upon seven scientifically proven principles and the three personal characteristics of wisdom that provide the framework for you to:

  • Transform a life transition into a growth experience 

  •  Create a purposeful life

  • Learn wise lessons from major life changes

  • Live wisely in all aspects of your daily life  

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