The Company is a global non-profit organization whose expertise is the practical application of experiential wisdom.

Wisdom-Based Balanced Paradigm


The Road to a Brighter Future


The Wisdom Company’s courses are built upon a new paradigm, the Balanced Paradigm, which provides a hopeful future in which kindness and solidarity become a reality in our country and in the world. 

The picture of the old rutted road on the left captures the old Traditional Paradigm with its focus on not making changes and its desire to go back to the illusionary "good old days" of the past. The well-worn path on the right stands for the Mechanistic Paradigm with its exclusive focus on making money at all costs. 

The middle road symbolizes the bright future of the Balanced Paradigm which is created by our taking responsibility for re-balancing the planetary, economic, political and social inequalities that are in the process of destroying civilization and all life on Earth.

Thought Process for Our Survival

The integrated mind set, new logic system, both-and way of thinking, and higher level of consciousness of the Balanced Paradigm successfully answer Albert Einstein's 1954 warning that: "Humanity is going to need a new way of thinking if humanity is going to survive." 

Integrated Worldview

The new model reflects the inherent dynamic balance that makes up the very nature of the universe and reflects the harmony that permeates the cosmos. Its associated integrated worldview helps us regain our ability to speak to people with opposing political views and provides an alternative to the emerging authoritarian world

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Applied Wisdom


The Company’s courses are also based on the three dimensions of wisdom discovered by empirical academic research whose:

  • Cognitive dimension expands mindsets to a whole new level

  • Self-Reflective dimension provides an opportunity to live a life of authenticity 

  • Transcendent dimension provides a new unifying level that allows people to rise above the dualities of partisan politics and create a higher common ground 

Courses To Make America One Again


Creating Unity Through Mutual Respect

In these non-partisan courses, you will learn peacemaking tools to change conflict into conversation. The wisdom-based courses provide the resources and skills to enable you to disagree, without disrespecting, people who have opposing political views.     

The proven methodology that is applied in the civility training courses helps people from both sides of the political spectrum to rise above polarization and extremism so they can become "unifiers" by reaching harmonious consensus and understanding. 

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Wisdom Building Personal Development Course


The company’s Developing Personal Wisdom Course is built upon seven scientifically proven principles and the three personal characteristics of wisdom that provide the framework for you to:

  • Live authentically 

  •  Create a purposeful life

  • Learn wise lessons from major life changes

  • Live wisely in all aspects of your daily life  

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Course On Spiritual Wisdom


Non-Denominational, Non-Dogmatic, Non-Traditional Spirituality Program

The Wisdom Company’s methods and tools help people reach the spiritual level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The Company’s spirituality course allows you to connect with the essence of all religions without the need to have faith in new beliefs. The self-transcendent workshop is solidly based on the founder of the Wisdom Company, personal illuminative experience and grounded in graduate work at Harvard Divinity School as well as transcendent and humanistic psychology.

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Applied Wisdom Reference Library


The wisdom lessons and insights are shared in The Wisdom Company's Experimental Wisdom Reference Library. 

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Integrated Wisdom Platform


The Company provides an integrated platform for academic researchers to  work with successful business professionals and others to practically  apply wisdom to creating civility and solving the world's problems. 


Wisdom Content Contributor

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Wisdom In Transition


Wisdom In Transition Study

The Company is a leading source of experiential wisdom that is derived from  decades of helping people going through major life transitions  including divorce, death of a loved one and retirement.  


The qualitative data gathered over the years is being used in a research project entitled:  Wisdom In Transition Study conducted by the Warrington School of Business at the University of  Florida and the Smith College of Business at Queen's University in  Hamilton, Canada. The findings will be published in an article in an  academic journal.

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