• The Wisdom Company’s principles and methodologies provide a practical way for you to live a wisdom-based life.

  • The Company’s programs present the thought process of wisdom, that allows you to apply sound reasoning, make well thought-out decisions and wise life choices.

  • The programs are based on the latest research on wisdom in behavioral science and 20 years of experiential wisdom in helping people make successful major life transitions into new lives filled with meaning and purpose.

Wisdom Building Educational Programs

The company’s online Wisdom Building Personal Development Programs are built upon seven scientifically proven principles and the three personal characteristics of wisdom that provide the framework for you to:

  • Transform a life transition into a growth experience 

  •  Create a purposeful life

  • Learn wise lessons from major life changes

  • Live wisely in all aspects of your daily life  


Creating National Unity Through Mutual Respect Online Classes


  •  Do you believe that our culture is suffering from a lack of leaders who seek honor and promote wisdom? 

  •  Do you believe there is a need for deep conversations that embrace diversity and promote unity?

  •  Do you believe that incivility and divisiveness are growing problems?

  •  Do you believe that we are turning dangerously away from the wisdom and the lessons of those who came before us?

  •  Do you believe that this is a problem in need of thoughtful attention from thoughtful women and men?

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Inter-Generational Sharing of Wisdom

  The Company is collaborating with the Warrington School of Business at the University of Florida and Smith College of Business at Queen's University Hamilton, Canada, to provide qualitative data for a research project entitled:  Wisdom In Transition Study for an article in an academic journal. 

You Are Not Alone. There is The Wisdom Company

The Wisdom Company is a Touchstone Place for You To:

  • Become recharged

  • Connect with like-minded individuals

  • Be part of a group community

  • Become reground which helps you do good in whatever sector that you are in

  • Offer your products to other people in the Wisdom Company

  • Tap into new resources

  • Make direct connections and work on projects with other advisors and contributors outside of the Wisdom Company

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The Balanced Paradigm


Learn about a new paradigm, the Balanced Paradigm and associate wisdom-based culture that has emerged which provides a hopeful future for mankind and life on Earth.

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